Possum Livin Band Possum Livin is a Boise, Idaho based string band bringing you the tunes you love and originals you're sure to. Possum Livin isn't just a band it's a lifestyle. When you are fed up with the man and livin off the land, that's Possum Livin. When your whiskey's taxed more than a new car and you just fill your own jar, that's Possum Livin. They keep the music and their lives simple. Sure, when there's hundreds of folks all wanting to dance they've got you covered with big speakers and amps. But if the sun's high and drinks are cold they'll just let those strings ring the old fashioned way.

Possum Livin's musicians come from all over the US (and Canada...) and serve up specials ranging from your favorite 60's rock covers to modern indie folk. Bluegrass and old timey traditionals mixed up with punk and blues influences means Possum Livin's music is movin'! Their varied backgrounds from touring rockers to classical violinists means Possum Livin is ready and willing to fill your musical needs. A wedding march followed by a hoe down, they've gotcha covered. A backyard BBQ with your closest friends, they're in. They love picking and will do it just about anywhere! That's Possum Livin!
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(208) 968-4554 – Willy Dallas
(970) 331-5191 – Ryan Blizzard
Members: Todd Allai – Mandolin, Ryan Blizzard – Bass, Willy Dallas – Guitar, Jason Homey – Banjo, Renee Martineau – Fiddle

Chicken Dinner Road
Dennis Stokes
For more information check out their website: www.chickendinnerroad.com